Let's say I have 3 CPTs: series, seasons, and episodes. Now if I post in these custom post types the URL would be:

  • Series CPT > post name: sample serie > URL: site.com/series/sample-serie
  • Seasons CPT > post name: sample season > URL: site.com/seasons/sample-season
  • Episodes CPT > post name: sample episode > URL: site.com/episodes/sample-episode

Now what I want to do is combine these URLs together:

  • site.com/series/sample-serie/sample-season/sample-episode : To show the page for the sample episode (previously: site.com/episodes/sample-episode)
  • site.com/series/sample-serie/sample-season/ : To show the page for the sample season (previously: site.com/seasons/sample-season)

How can I implement this? Was creating 3 custom post types a good idea for doing this? Or is there any other methods to do this? (Preferably without any plugins)

Appreciate any further assistance!

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I think a better approach for this would be to create a single nested (hierarchical) custom post type.

For example, it can be series.

Then a single series named sample-series as a top level post of series post type: site.com/series/sample-series/.

Then seasons named season-one, season-two etc. can be children of sample-series, like: site.com/series/sample-series/season-one, site.com/series/sample-series/season-two.

Similarly, episodes can be children of those seasons, like: site.com/series/sample-series/season-one/episode-one, site.com/series/sample-series/season-one/episode-two etc.

Same thing can be done by default by WordPress page, since pages are by default hierarchical.

  • Thank you for your response. This seems to be a good approach, but one issue with it is that the archive page for the series (site.com/series) would also include the seasons and episodes, which is a problem here. I also want separate archive pages for seasons, episodes, and seasons. If this issue can be solved by applying a filter that would be awesome!
    – Mr Mousio
    Feb 1, 2023 at 22:39
  • You can customize the template files to achieve that.
    – Scott
    Feb 2, 2023 at 14:56

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