I'm working on a site whose navigational structure needs to be flattened (it's been migrated from Joomla). I want to merge four or five levels of navigation into one post, and I need to do this many times.

So, for example: category A contains categories B & C, category B contains posts D & E and category C contains posts F & G. I need to combine this into one post bringing together the source content, sequentially in this manner: A, B, D, E, C, F, G

Or to put it another way: top-level category, followed by the first category it contains, followed by the posts that category contains, followed by the second category the top-level category contains, followed by the posts that category contains - all combined sequentially into one long article.

(I hope this is clear!)

Is there a batch way to do this? I have hundreds of categories and posts that need to be combined into tens of posts. Obviously, I could simply copy and paste the content from the source categories and posts into the final posts, but that'll represent days of work.

I'd also need source post titles to end up in the body of the final posts, tagged in some way (H3 or whatever) so that they can be picked up later on for formatting.

I've looked at both How to merge two or more WordPress posts? and Is there a plugin to merge several drafts into a new post? and neither really address this problem.

Please ask, if it's possible there's a way I could clarify the situation better.



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