If we have a term_meta named icon which gets an integer and is set to copy when you translate a term with this meta programmatically it won't get copied to the translated term.

        $ok = wp_insert_term("s", "feature");
        update_term_meta($ok["term_id"], "icon", 54);
        $ok2 = wp_insert_term("س", "feature");
        $taxonomy = "feature";
        $wpml_element_type = apply_filters("wpml_element_type", "feature");
        $originalElementId = get_term($ok["term_id"])->term_taxonomy_id;

        global $sitepress;
        $trid = $sitepress->get_element_trid(
            "tax_" . $taxonomy
            "tax_" . $taxonomy,

        $ttid = apply_filters(

//        wp_update_term($ok2["term_id"], $taxonomy, []);

the output is:

WP_Term]8;;file:///Volumes/HDD/Websites/central-graphql/wp-includes/class-wp-term.php#L18\^]8;;\ {#7032
  +term_id: 196
  +name: "س"
  +slug: "%d8%b3"
  +term_group: 0
  +term_taxonomy_id: 174
  +taxonomy: "feature"
  +description: ""
  +parent: 0
  +count: 0
  +filter: "raw"
array:1 [
  "icon" => array:1 [
    0 => "54"

I used this in phpunit, it shows the term meta is not copied.

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The trick is the update the original term.

wp_update_term($term_id, $taxonomy, []);

This will trigger the WPML actions that sync the meta, notice we provided [] so technically we are not updating anything but this is good enough to trigger the sync.

  • Also don't forget to clear the term_meta cache for that translated term after the term_update. Commented Dec 31, 2022 at 21:33

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