I have a wordpress website with hair and beauty theme, for some reason the customizer and widget page in wp-admin are not working and giving 404 error,

i tried the following things so far

  1. check disabling theme and plugin : not working
  2. increased memory size.
  3. changed permalink settings :- not working.
  4. created a new setup with theme and plugin and found the pages to be working.
  5. updated wp and theme and also replace the wp-admin directory with one from wp setup.
  6. installed health and troubleshoot plugin and turned on the debug mode and the page were working but after turning off the debug mode the pages again started showing 404
  7. i linked the new dev site to the live db and then on dev site the page stopped working which let me to believe the issue is with DB but not sure what to check and what can be the cause.

Can anyone help me.

  • If switching the DB to another site causes the other site to stop working there may be an issue with the way the site URL is saved in the DB. Did you run some sort of migration, domain switch? Check to make sure every instance of the url/domain is correct. Dec 16, 2022 at 17:37


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