I'm trying to upload a plugin (it's not available in the marketplace), that's 2.73 megabytes, but the limit is 2M. I've increased the max_upload_filesize variable in php.ini to 3M, but still can't upload because of the size.

I don't see a filesize set in .htaccess, and in the functions.php file it's set to 64M.

Where else can I check, that would have a max upload size that may be overriding the values mentioned above?


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You need to adjust post_max_size as well (on php.ini)

  • This is a good suggestion. In my case the post_max_size was already set to 8M, but thank you for a good tip! Commented Dec 9, 2022 at 14:35

After waiting a couple of days and bumping the max_upload_filesize to 4M from 3M, uploading the plugin worked. I am unsure if letting time pass, or increasing the value to give the upload more "room" is what solved the issue. Hopefully someone who knows more can comment...

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