I have an array of term IDs that I'd like to filter my query with, but most wordpress functions seem to need the 'taxonomy' field entered too. Is there a reason for this?

Passing the taxonomy ID seems to be unnecessary, if all term IDs are unique anyway, unless I'm missing something.

As it seems as though I can't query this with Wordpress direct, I'd be looking for something like:

$terms_array = get_term_ids( get_the_ID() );

Any ideas of the best way to pull this off?

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Try out this code and see if it works for you, I just cooked it up real quick and haven't tested it, so it may be way off base, but the concept is there.

$tax_args = array(
    'public' => true
$taxonomies = get_taxonomies( $tax_args, 'names', 'or' );

$term_args = array(
    'fields' => 'ids'
$terms = get_terms( $taxonomies, $term_args );

Docs: get_taxonomies(), get_terms()

  • Looks good! I'll check this in the morning & let you know.
    – mjjwatson
    Feb 4, 2012 at 20:55

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