I am considering building a multi-site WordPress installation, but with the main page (www.domain.com/index.php) a non-WP page. The site's main page will have extensive custom PHP code (with 'includes' of other PHP files), with links to other non-WP pages - like a 'landing' page.

The thought is to have the custom-build PHP page as the 'landing' page, with possibly other non-WP pages linked via a non-WP menu bar. Then there will be individual WP sub-sites (like www.domain.com/site1 )that will be a standard WP multisite subsite.

The subsites must be one 'folder' deep, so not www.domain.com/wp/site1 . These sites may have their own domain name, which I know how to do.

How do I set up the domain's index page (www.domain.com) to be a non-WP site, with the subsites as multisite instances? I think that there may be some htaccess that needs to be done. Or do I have to convert the non-WP page into a custom template?

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My first attempt used changes to the htaccess file , changing this

RewriteRule . index.php [L]

to this

RewriteRule . wpindex.php [L]

Then renaming the WP index.php to wpindex.php. My non-WP page could now be the index.php page.

This worked. Until there was a WP core update.

An upgrade of WP will overwrite the index.php page to the standard WP index.php page, negating all of our work. And it's possible that re-doing the Settings, Permalinks will overwrite the change to the htaccess file.

So I changed my approach. I decided to rename my non-WP index page to landing.php . Then I added this rule in the htaccess file (outside of the 'Begin/End WordPress' area of the htaccess file):

# Rewrite site root page to landing.php
RewriteRule ^$ /landing.php [L]

Now, accessing www.mydomain.com will show the non-WP landing.php page. That landing page can have links to other non-WP (or WP) pages.

Accessing a WP page with a slug of new-page.php will be processed by WP to display that WP page.

I'd be interested in other approaches to this. One might be to convert the landing page to a template, and then creating a page using that template. Or creating a landing page within WP. In my case, the landing page has other 'include' functions (a popup contact form) that makes using a template or WP-built page a bit more difficult.

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