I want a subset of automatically generated sites on my wordpress installation.

The data should be stored in a seperate MySQL database and consists of multiple tables with lot of 1:n interaction.

For most of the tables I would like to make a template which information from one entry of this table I would like to show when the entry-name is used as a permalink.


For the example below, when I open the link to x.yz/city/munich the site should show me the information that in the City Munich there are 5.500 cats and 7.210 dogs. The informations should be displayed in exact defined areas so the layout does not change if I open the link to x.yz/city/berlin only the numbers for the pets are changing. For the information focused on pets I want another layout who does show me on the link to x.yz/pet/cat that they are existent as pet in Munich but not in Berlin.

Tabelle: City
1 - Munich
2 - Berlin

Tabelle: Pet
1 - Cat
2 - Dog

Tabelle: Population
ID (PRIMARY) - City-ID (SECONDARY) - Population - Pet-ID (SECONDARY)
1 - 1 - 5.500 - 1
2 - 1 - 7.210 - 2
3 - 2 - 1.400 - 2


Thanks a lot for your help!

  • This is far too much for a single question. Can you break this down into individual problems that you're stuck on? If you're just looking for a plugin please not that plugin recommendations are off topic here. Nov 24 at 3:31


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