I am aware of WP-CLI's many database interaction functions via "wp db" and its functions for generating wp-config files via "wp config" - However I cannot find a way of using WP-CLI to modify existing database name, username and password settings in wp-config.

I am migrating multiple sites, and the ability to do this would be a time saver.

I am aware that wp config can launch vi editor (wp config edit), but I am looking for a way to pass the database name, username and password TO WP-CLI to have it do the job for me. Possible?

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You can use wp config set to update any existing value in wp-config or to add a new value:

wp config set DB_NAME some_db_name
wp config set DB_USER some_db_username
wp config set DB_PASSWORD you_secret_value_pass

See https://developer.wordpress.org/cli/commands/config/set/

Keep in mind that values are case sensitive, so if you do wp config set db_name some-db, it will add a NEW value rather than update the value for DB_NAME.

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