I made a WordPress plugin, so now what I want is, I want to set a logic like if a certain theme is active, then load the plugin. Else, only keep the plugin activated, but don't apply any changes on the site. Any idea how can I achieve that? Sorry if I sound very nerdy :')

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Use get_stylesheet() to get the directory name of the theme being used. If a child theme is being used you can determine the parent with get_template().

At the top of the plugin file you can simply return early if the value is not what you want.

if ( 'my-theme' !== get_stylesheet() ) {

You can use the wp_get_theme() function to get information about the active theme and specify its name.

add_action('init', 'pre_function_test');
function pre_function_test()
    $var = wp_get_theme();
    $theme_name = $var['Name'];
    if( $theme_name == 'Hello Elementor'){
       wp_die('is theme verify !');

Here my theme name is Hello Elementor and my condition is executed.

Note: You can see the theme name from the theme directory and style.css file.

The wp_get_theme() function returns the current theme information.

See in this picture:

get wordpress theme name

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