I am a bit confused. I use https://github.com/idleberg/php-wordpress-vite-assets for using Vite's assets in my WordPress plugin.

I have used this:

public function __construct() {
    add_action('wp_loaded', [$this, 'testinit']);

public function testinit() {
    $basePath = plugin_dir_path( __FILE__);
    $manifest = $basePath."dist/manifest.json";
    $entryPoint = "index.js";

    $viteAssets = new WordpressViteAssets($manifest, $basePath);

Inside of add_action the script does this:

add_action('wp_head', function () use ($entries) {
            foreach ($entries as $entry) {
                $scriptTag = $this->getScriptTag($entry);

But the script is not included in my head. When I call getScriptTag initially, instead of addAction I get a tag...

When I add a die statement before the foreach, it's not called. So it seems that the action for wp_head is not fired. I tried it also to use in my initial hook instead of wp_loaded other hooks like admin_init, scripts_loaded etc. But it seems I can not call wp_head inside of these hooks.

Does anybody know why and how I can solve it?

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I figured it out - I need to use admin_head, because wp_head it not fired in the backend of WordPress.

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