I have created few question/ answers using ACF.

Field names are question_1, question_2 and so on.

My codes are:

<?php if (get_field('question_1') == 'yes') && (get_field('question_2') == 'yes'):?>
Answer: Yes
Answer: No
<?php endif; ?>

How to limit code repetition, if I have 100 questions in number, I just want to avoid using

get_field('question_1') == 'yes' to get_field('question_100') == 'yes'

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U can use get_fields() which return all fields from current page. Additionally you can filter array checking which key matches.


$questions = get_fields();
$questions_array = array_filter($questions, function($key) {
    return strpos($key, 'question') === 0;

foreach( $questions_array as $question) {
 // your code here

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