I have created a custom role that I've named customer

public function setup_user_roles()
  add_role('customer', 'Customer', $customer_capabilities);
  add_role('moderator', 'Moderator', $moderator_capabilities);

I've used the plugin registration hook to add them and the capabilities are only read for the customer and only edit_users for moderator role. I need to give to users te ability to modify only their own profile informations and for modeartors the ability to approve accounts. Not sure if I need to add other capabilities to achive this, at the moment the two roles are added to wp roles and seems working as expected. What I need is to have the accounts of the customers not able to login until thay are approved from a moderator. I've added a custom meta field that will have the status pending, approved or rejected but how I can rely on it when users try to login? Is there a better way for this without an external plugin?


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Actually Wordpress has ability to prevent user access without acceptation. You should uncheck "Anyone can register" on the /wp-admin/options-general.php

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