I need some help, thank you

I want to deactivate plugin Toolset types and have some problems now

Error because using plugins function wpcf_pr_post_get_belongs

All code:

$parentId   = wpcf_pr_post_get_belongs( get_the_ID(), 'name' );

What I may use instead of this function? As I see it's used for getting the ID from parent CPT to show all child CPT. How I can get $parentId for CPT?

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    I'm not sure there's enough information to answer this without more information about how Toolset works. It's not clear what wpcf_pr_post_get_belongs is supposed to be or what it means to "belong". It's very possible that there is no equivalent function. Can you be more specific when you say parent CPT, are you talking about the parent of the current post, aka the post_parent of get_the_ID()? CPT's are just posts with a custom type, they all use the same API and table as posts/pages, the only thing that makes them "custom" is that they weren't registered in code bundled with WordPress
    – Tom J Nowell
    Sep 22 at 15:29


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