Here is what I am looking for:

Custom Post Type: partner
Archive: domain.com/partners/ (list all partners)
Custom Taxonomy: country
Archive: domain.com/partners/denmark/ (list all partners in a country)
Custom Taxonomy: city
Archive: domain.com/partners/denmark/copenhagen/ (list all partners in a country and in city)
Single: domain.com/partners/denmark/copenhagen/the-name-of-the-partner-post/

On the custom post type rewrite I have the following:

$rewrite = array(
    'slug'                  => 'partners/%country%',
    'with_front'            => false,

It works fin with the following:


BUT I cannot find a rewrite solution that works with:


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There are probably a few ways to handle this, but I'm guessing the fact that you're using "/partners" in your taxonomy rewrites is messing things up for using "/partners" alone for the CPT.

I think I would probably use "/partners" for the CPT only, and then define a custom rewrite rule that determines what the parameters after the various slashes correspond to.

If you take a look at the examples on the reference page, you might get an idea of what I mean. Specifically, look at the one from Akira Tachibana on that page.

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