I'm completely starting over with a wordpress project that began a couple of weeks ago, and basically i'm totally discovering wordpress, so please bare with me.

I might be completely misunderstanding what has been coded until now, but I've been asked to generate a menu based on the "cutom-post-types" and their respective categories.

When using the

<?php wp_nav_menu(); ?>

hook, I thought it would be enough.

BUT: when editing the menu and it's content in the menu admin section it seems that I cannot have each category of a custom post-type to be listed UNDER each custom-post-type. All I can do is select each category, like so :

Beauty Campaigns ...

shops ...

Wich leads to this on the public site :

Beauty Campaigns ...

Shops ...

My only wisgh is to be able to avoid hacking wordpress as much as possible, while finally having :

News Beauty Cmpaigns ... Trends shops ...

in both the menu admin and the final public menu.

What did I miss ? Thanks a lot.

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Your best bet if you want them to show using the default drag and drop function is to register a custom taxonomy for the custom post type, http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/register_taxonomy.

You can also use the taxonomies parameter when you register your CPT function. http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/register_post_type

The alternative is to make a custom filter for your nav menu that is populated from your custom post type, though in most cases I recommend the first option.


My workaround for this was to just use custom links that linked to example.com/post-type-slug...it's not the best solution, but it works.

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