I'm trying to find a way to show different content if a post is set to "password protected", once the user entered the correct password.

I want to show the price of an art piece only on posts that are set to password protected.

I can't find any php code to achieve this, since all I can find includes cookies management.

something like :

<?php if($post is set to password protected): ?>

show price

<?php endif; ?>

is there a way to do this ? there must some data stored into the database somewhere right ?

any help would be greatly appreciated ;)

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There's two main ways:

  1. You can use the post_password_required() function. This function returns true if the post has a password and false if the post doesn't have a password, but it also returns false if the post had a password but the user has entered it and unlocked the post.
  2. You can get the post object with $post = get_post() and then check empty( $post->post_password ). This will tell you whether a post has a password regardless of whether or not the password has been entered.

For those prefer use SQL...

SELECT * FROM `wp_posts` WHERE `post_password` != ''

Note: mind to check about empty chars (like a empty space) in post_password field, it might confuse you.

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