I made a search. If I enter the whole name it shows me the product page, but if I enter something like "adssadsaqweas" it shows product-archive.php how I can achieve if I enter the name of the product I will see the first product-archive, not single-product template?

  • WooCommerce questions are offtopic here. You should ask WooCommerce support for that. Other than that, without you posting a single line of code it is impossible to answer your question.
    – DeltaG
    Aug 5 at 12:20
  • this is not normal WordPress behaviour, it's additional functionality added by something you installed. You'll need to identify which plugin/theme is causing this and then go to their support routes for how to turn it off. As Delta mentioned, this isn't a place you can ask for help with WooCommerce or other ecommerce plugins
    – Tom J Nowell
    Aug 5 at 12:36


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