I saw this WP_query : meta_key with custom rule for specific value

And I want to make something smaller to that,

I want to make a query in the elementor using the meta value to order the custom posts (courses) from highest rating to lowest rating; how can I do that?

  • You will need to consult Elementor's support channels
    – bosco
    Aug 4 at 19:44
  • they did not provide me with any tips or help I tried throug the GitHub
    – KDot
    Aug 4 at 20:58
  • Unfortunately, this stack site only addresses the software managed by the WordPress organization. This question cannot be answered without specific knowledge of Elementor. You may need to try one of their other channels, or a more generalized WordPress/Elementor community
    – bosco
    Aug 4 at 21:07


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