I have develop a plugin for customer portal. For check login I have use custom session. Few month ago I have face this issue which create for session_start() function and I have already fix this.

Now I am facing same issue which create for wp "Login Designer" plugin. I have install this plugin in my website. When I enable Google Recaptcha v3(see the attachment), my custom session does not work. After check auth, data stored in $_SESSION['custom_session'] but after redirect to dashboard $_SESSION['custom_session'] data destroyed and it's redirect to login page again.

Note : It work if I logged-in in wp-admin.

enter image description here

Anyone know about this issue?

Thanks in advance.

  • Questions about generic PHP and third-party plugins are both off-topic here. I think your best bet would be to inquire in the support channels for the plugin in question - or a more general WordPress community
    – bosco
    Aug 5 at 4:20


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