I have a default menu of my theme. It has 4-5 homepages and we have selected homepage2 for display on hover of home , on click of home menu, on click of logo. What I am not able to change is the url of menu item home. How can do that?

  • there's no code in your question, can you add the code? Can you be more specific/clearer? We can't see and aren't familiar with your site so it's difficult to figure out the specifics even if they're obvious to you. Also this is a programmers stack, most answers will require programming knowledge to understand, and 3rd party plugin/theme product help questions are offtopic here, so if you bought your theme you will need to ask this elsewhere
    – Tom J Nowell
    Aug 4 at 9:56
  • there is no code so far because menus order can be changed from dashboard and i am using the default menu of the theme. the menu was already there of the theme itself. all i want this url [home->localhost/mysite/home2] intsead of [home->localhost/mysite/home1]. Aug 4 at 11:30
  • yes but what is the menu? You're referring to something I can't see, remember i do not know your site, your theme, or how it was built, so I do not understand. You're assuming too much, and need to share more information, be very specific. Bonus points for screenshots. At a minimum what is the name of your theme. Provide as much information as you possibly can. Right now your question doesn't make sense and is too ambiguous/unclear. Are you just asking how to change the URL of a menu across your entire site?
    – Tom J Nowell
    Aug 4 at 12:12

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Hello you can change menu item link by going to admin dashboard Appearance->Menu if you have not created any menu yet you need to create a menu first enter image description here

  • the menu was already there of the theme itself. all i want to know is home->localhost/mysite/home2 intsead of home->localhost/mysite/home1. Aug 4 at 9:03
  • 1
    which theme are you using?
    – sam221088
    Aug 4 at 10:51
  • premium theme of themeforest, Aug 4 at 11:25
  • @DeepikaJain you can't ask for help with a premium 3rd party theme here, 3rd party themes are offtopic here and not in this stacks scope, you should ask at their support routes or ask other users of that theme.
    – Tom J Nowell
    Aug 4 at 12:14

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