I've seen some discussion on the topic of how to use Timber in plugin templates. But this is not my question. I use Learndash to sell courses. Learndash has a lot of templates and assets included that are located in the plugin directory in a folder called ld30. That's basically the default theme of the plugin. There are routes like /courses/courseXY and /lessons/lessonXY.

Now instead of picking the plugin templates, my Timber based theme just uses the default archive.php and single.php files when I go to these routes. And of course, because of this, the entire user interface and functionality of the plugin doesn't work. What am I missing?

Even if I could create pages like archive-sfwd-courses.php and single-sfwd-courses.php etc and then place plugin shortcodes and functions on them, it would be a huge effort and most likely I would miss some of the functions and edge cases covered by the built-in templates. So I would prefer to use their templates rather than create my own ones from scratch. Even if I copy all the related files to my theme's root directory (as stated in this article), it doesn't work.

If I switch to another Wordpress default theme that is not based on Timber, it works as expected. It's hard to determine if this is a compatibility issue between Learndash and Timber, or something general that I'm overlooking that occurs with any plugin that provides its own templates.

Here's the theme i'm building: https://github.com/kilianso/woodplane

Any hint would be really appreciated!


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