What I have:

example.com/movies/{post} <!-- custom Post Type single post, e.g. /movies/batman -->

example.com/genres/{term} <!-- custom Taxonomy single term e.g. /genres/action -->

What I want:

example.com/movies/action <!-- custom taxonomy **archive** showing "movie" posts tagged with "action" taxonomy term -->

Is this possible? I have seen lots of questions with very vague answers but I cannot parse the add_rewrite_rule documentation to figure out whether this is something that can be done.

NOTE: I only have a handful of terms in total, so I could hard-code individual rewrites for each if that is an option — I just cannot figure out how!

This question is more or less a duplicate, but the only non-zero-voted answer is essentially "you can hardcode it but I recommend that you just not do it instead", so I'm hoping someone can actually answer the question of how that would be done…)



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