So I have a review plugin that is automatically sorting all my site based on the score rating. It seems here are the filters the plugin is applying globally:

    //Post sorting
    $sort = get_option('rs_sort');
    if ($sort == 'rating') {

        add_filter('posts_fields', 'rs_weighted_fields');
        add_filter('posts_join', 'rs_weighted_join');
        add_filter('posts_groupby', 'rs_weighted_groupby');
        add_filter('posts_orderby', 'rs_weighted_orderby');

    } else if ($sort == 'comments') {
        add_filter('posts_orderby', 'rs_comments_orderby');


These filters are taking priority over the whole site. Even some custom loops where I want it to use the wordpress default (sort by newest) and others where I want to sort by random.

Specifically here is an example loop that I am trying to make:

<?php $custom_query = new WP_Query('category_name=FreaturedIndex&orderby=rand'); ?><?php while ($custom_query->have_posts()) : $custom_query->the_post(); ?>

Right now, its just sorting by rating and ignoring the orderby=rand. Is there some code that can be applied to remove these filters by applying it to specific queries?

Thanks for the help!

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How about doing remove_filter( 'posts_orderby', 'rs_weighted_orderby' );? If that doesn't work, you could apply your own filters with higher priorities...but that's sorta hackey, and I would avoid it if possible.

  • If I add that code into the blog, will it remove it completely from the site? I still want this sort system running on all of the main loops but not some specific pages like "newly submitted hosts" or the featured box that I want it to be sorted randomly. Just confirming. Feb 1, 2012 at 2:33
  • I can't say for certain if it would even remove it. That's just the method to remove a filter. You can remove it conditionally, with something like if_page(), but you'll have to develop your own logic for that and what not, it's a completely separate issue (ie: if you have a question about it, handle it in a new question not in comments). I suggest you just try it. Worst case you change the sort order for your site for a little. You're not writing anything to the DB, so none of this would effect permanent change.
    – mor7ifer
    Feb 1, 2012 at 2:37
  • So to test it on a page where I dont want the rating sort to be there, I would whip something like this: 'code'if_page(coupons) {remove_filter( 'posts_orderby', 'rs_weighted_orderby' );}'/code' Where would I put it, the header? Feb 1, 2012 at 2:39
  • You would add it to functions.php (or anywhere else really, put it where it makes sense to you), and it's is_page(), I misspoke (always check facts, especially with a resource like the codex at your fingertips). I suggest you read up on Conditional Tags if you want to design any sort of serious logic for which pages do and don't use their sort feature.
    – mor7ifer
    Feb 1, 2012 at 2:46
  • Remove filter wouldn't have done that, check your work. I strongly recommend you read through the functions that the filters are calling. See what each of them does, see if there is a better filter to modify or remove...my answer was not intended as specifically as you seem to have taken it.
    – mor7ifer
    Feb 1, 2012 at 3:07

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