I have a WordPress multisite installation example.com, with subdomains example.com/foo, and example.com/bar.

I'm trying to change the site name of example.com/foo to foo.example.com.

Normally I just change this in Network Admin > Sites, and then change a particular site's name in the "Site Address (URL)" field - e.g. to foo.example.com

Having done this, foo.example.com now points to the right homepage... But all subsequent pages are "Not found". E.g. example.com/foo/news-story had content, but foo.example.com/news-story is "Not found".

What have I missed?

  • Is the multisite installation set up for subdomains or subdirectories? Your post specifies both - but you must select one or the other during the original network setup. If you're attempting to transition from subdirectories to subdomains, have you followed the steps in "Switching Network Types"?
    – bosco
    Jul 13, 2022 at 16:38

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Switching from sub directories to sub domains is not easy. Start by looking at https://wordpress.org/support/article/multisite-network-administration/#switching-network-types, besides that, you might also need to run search + replace queries on the database to update the URLs on the content, and re-save the permalink structure.

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