I found this filter some time ago at How to filter my search in post if contains a word in title, content or excerpt?

It worked well. But now I am getting an error message of like_escape is deprecated since version 4.0.0! Use wpdb::esc_like()

It tried replacing esc_like, with wpdb::_esc_like, but that resulted in a message of:

Deprecated: Non-static method wpdb::escape()

If I removed like_escape and just left the query inside esc_sql would that be secure enough?

I am open to a better way to structure this.


function general_filter( $where, &$wp_query )
    global $wpdb;
    if ( $search_term = $wp_query->get( 'search_prod_title' ) ) {
        $where .= ' AND (' . $wpdb->posts . '.post_title LIKE \'%' . esc_sql( like_escape( $search_term ) ) . '%\' OR ' . $wpdb->posts . ' .post_excerpt LIKE \'%' . esc_sql( like_escape( $search_term ) ) . '%\' OR ' . $wpdb->posts . ' .post_content LIKE \'%' . esc_sql( like_escape( $search_term ) ) . '%\')';
    return $where;

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The problem is that you've interpreted wpdb::esc_like as a literal copy paste, and not a direction, and used it as a static function, when it is not a static function.


global $wpdb;
$foo = $wpdb->esc_like( $bar );


$foo = wpdb::esc_like( $bar );

Other things to note:

  • The & in &$wp_query ) is a holdover from PHP 4 that they fixed in PHP 5. However, a lot of WP devs weren't sure and didn't know this and copy pasted it everywhere. You should remove the &. The same with &$this, change it to $this. WordPress doesn't even run on PHP 4.x
  • The filter you found was just that persons attempt that they were asking how to fix, there are other ways to do what you want
  • An actual search solution will massively outperform this without needing to write custom SQL. Look into solutions such as Elasticsearch, Solr, etc
  • Generally it's far safer to use $wpdb->prepare, though sometimes that isn't always possible. Needing to write SQL for WP tables is normally a warning sign that you're doing something wrong.
  • If you used double quotes then you wouldn't need to slash escape your single quotes inside the SQL string. E.g. "'test'" vs '\'test\''
  • Tom, thank you for your insights on this. I finally got the queries working. I am not familiar with Elasticsearch or Solr. This client's website does not have a lot of traffic. Would those services be a good fit for smaller websites? Jun 30 at 21:32
  • Depends how rich your client is, what their budget is for hosting and search, and how highly they value it. You should price up the options and have a conversation with them
    – Tom J Nowell
    Jun 30 at 21:58

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