Let me try to be as clear as possible :

I would like to display my custom post on Front-end.

I made a Back-office for a mobile app, but I'd like to create an access from front-end to display some informations from my back-office.The first I try is to display single content from a custom post. I need to filter this pages by a custom ACF field equals to my current user. And I need to check if the user has the good role.. I've already configure all my Custom post, and all my ACF field, and custom roles.. I made a specific plugin for my Back Office.

But I'm very noob with WP-query..

I would like to create specific shortcodes to display the differents single views and the different lists I'll will need for my back-office..

I need you help on this one mates

Thanks by advance

Regards from Paris

Custom option Value
Custom posts name page_clubs
ACF field related administrators
Custom role club_adminstrators, or club_members
User Current


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