When I send data to wpdb from form I can have some empty fields. How can I add conditions to array of data inside array or before insert wpdb to send only filled fields ?

The fields concerned (for example $serializedpaisol has no value(empty)) have already be checked to know if values exist, but the wpdb->insert find always this data name but is empty:

    $serializedpaisol = maybe_serialize($paisol);
$data = array(
        'name' => $_POST['aacl_title'],
        'nicname' => $Acronyme,
        'img' => $idImage,
        'info' => $_POST['aac_description'],
        'resume' => $_POST['aac_resume'],
        'statut' => $serializedcp,
        'mgmt_act' => 1,
        'website' => $serializedurllink,
        'payment_solutions' => $serializedpaisol,
        'mail'=> $mail,
        'tel'=> $tel,
        'location'=> $serializedloc,
        'date'=> $timeday
    $format = array('%d','%s','%s','%d','%s','%s','%s','%d','%s','%s','%s','%s','%s','%s');
    $table = $wpdb->prefix.'table_data';

When I send form I get "Notice: Undefined variable: serializedpaisol"

I don't understand well wpdb::prepare , does it check the existence of data value before to send to database ?

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Hi the error you are getting for $serializedpaisol variable because it is not define in function scope.

the variable you define in specific scope can not access out form its scope;


//example scope
echo $var; // you will get undefined error.

how you can fixed it?


// first define variable in function  scope

$serializedpaisol ="";

    $serializedpaisol = maybe_serialize($paisol);
echo $serializedpaisol; // now you will not get any error.

hope you understand the point.


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