I’m creating a frontend checklist for a card collection on Wordpress. I’m combining two plugins. TablePress to create the table and Frontend Checklist to add checkboxes.

The idea allows the User to check a box to mark a card collected. This is stored in a cookie.

I create the table in TablePress:

TablePress Contents

I then create a Checklist using Frontend Checklist:

Frontend Checklist Setup

This creates the Shortcode [frontend-checklist name="001"] This is then placed in the TablePress Cell for the corresponding card.

Individual Frontend Checklists

I have to make a Frontend Checklist list for every TablePress Row (One per card). This method works just fine. However it’s long-winded creating hundreds of Frontend Checklist lists and likely not efficient for memory/loading.

I've checked similar questions, including this one on Stackoverflow, but no answer was included.

Is there a more efficient way of adding checkboxes that store whether or not it have been checked? Thank you for your time.

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