I would like to have a section on a website, that has an icon to the left.

I tried the Row layout, which looks 100% right in the editor, but on a real website the layout breaks like this.


  • the icon is set to fixed size
  • and the whole row is top aligned

enter image description here


  • the max-width: 100% rule for the image overrides the fixed icon size, making it (1) smaller and (2) different size in each section depending on amount of content on the right side
  • the row becomes center aligned

enter image description here

I am using a default install of WP 6.0, with a default twenty twenty two theme.

I also tried doing this with 'Media and text' built-in block, but it doesn't allow me to resize the icon to a small enough size, and the resizing is proportional (meaning the icon would be tiny on the mobile).

Is there a way to accomplish this, preferably with built-in blocks?

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  • 1
    Would it work to use columns and give a fixed size to the left column?
    – Shoelaced
    Jun 22 at 20:49
  • @Shoelaced Thank you! I din't notice I can give a column an absolute width instead of percent (by clicking the percent symbol in a text field). This works for me! Jun 23 at 19:30


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