I have some Html& js code relating to this dropbox button by WordPress plugin 1- I want to insert the button in a specifc page for example I have sample page and Sec Page I want to specifiy the page because it's in all the pages

2- When I install the plugin always appears in the beginning of the website so How to make it in a spcific div for example in the page I'll select

Dropbox button

I'm using add_action() function it works but as I mentioned appears in every page and in the beginning

    function hook_html()

 <script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.dropbox.com/static/api/2/dropins.js" id="dropboxjs"

 <div id="dropboxContainer">hellodrooppp</div>


  add_action('wp_head', 'hook_html');

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As you want to insert the button on only one/few specific pages you can simply create a shortcode[Reference] and insert it on specific page/pages.

Your code will be something like:

function hook_html(){
     //function body
add_shortcode( 'dropbox_button', 'hook_html' );

And then just edit the specific pages and add the shortcode [dropbox_button] to them, you can also choose to add this in any section of the page that you want.

  • I think 'dropbox_button' is the tag? but what is it? in the reference that should be return value but in my case I don't have return value. and how to select the page that I want to insert in. Thanks in advance.
    – Steve
    Jun 20 at 19:10
  • Hi @Steve 'dropbox_button' is the shortcode. You can go to any page and edit it add the shortcode as [dropbox_button] with the square brackets and the code in function will execute on that page.
    – Manas
    Jun 29 at 18:00
  • Yes It worked thanks. Can I use add_shortcode with html class ofr div's id or select specifc page div? because it's a plugin and I can't tell everyone you've to edit the page to run the plugin, so I need something globally. –
    – Steve
    Jun 30 at 10:44

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