I have seen that the filter wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime can be used to set the cache period for fetch_feed. But this seems to set it globally for all feeds. Is there a way to have a different cache period per feed?

This is useful in my case where I have multiple feeds for quite different purposes. some feeds are clearly being refreshed very quickly, while I don't expect others to be updated more than once per month.

The issue with these RSS feeds is if they are not cached properly they slow down the page noticeably.

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You can use the second parameter passed to the wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime filter which, in the context of fetch_feed(), is the URL of the feed:

add_filter( 'wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime', function ( $time, $url ) {
    if ( $url === 'https://example.com/rss' )  {
        $time = MONTH_IN_SECONDS;

    return $time;
}, 10, 2 );

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