I just installed wordpress for the first time. When I go to mywebsite.com/wp-admin a 404 website error comes up. I went through the routine of changing the plugins and themes names although I never entered my wordpress dashboard anyway. Domains by Godaddy hosting by Hostgator. I changed the DNS to match the hostgator DNS. Uninstall and reinstall wordpress, nothing happened. What do I do?

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    "I never entered my wordpress dashboard anyway" - how did you set up the site without ever using the dashboard? Did you do all the setup using Hostgator tools then, not the wp-admin dashboard?
    – Rup
    Jun 14, 2022 at 19:27

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Two issues seem likely:

  1. Your DNS changes haven't propagated yet. It takes awhile for the DNS change to spread across the internet. Give it 1-2 hours and try again. [Hostgator recommends pointing your name servers to them.]
  2. If the issue remains, then check how your domain was entered into the quick installer. It's possible that an extra / is causing the whole thing to fail.

If neither of these is the culprit, then I'd suggest you contact their support team at https://helpchat.hostgator.com

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