I know that there are several e-commerce plugins, like JigoShop, WP E Commerce, and Woo Commerce.

I also know there area lot of payment gateways like authorize.net and Paypal.

However, if I have a really simple piece of software that I want to sell on my website, a single file download, what is the easiest and cheapest way to accomplish this? Can I use one of the WP plugins without having to pay for PayFlow Pro to allow the download?

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Go for Woocommerce! In my opinion the best and most powerful free ecommerce plugin. They offer also features for download products


Easy Digital Downloads is in my opinioin the best plugin if you are selling downloads. You can see a full review of the plugin here.


It does not get any more simple than Google checkout's buy now button where you have the built in option to sell a digital good. After choosing "Digital Good" you'll have options to enter the product's download link and key. Next you'll press generate code and just paste the code anywhere on your site.

  • Google Checkout is not available in most of the countries ;) – Olaf Feb 1 '12 at 12:01

I have used this plugin to process digital downloads for sale (not yet sold anything but tested it out myself) and not had any problems - http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/paid-downloads/

(p.s. I assume it's ok to add an answer to an old question like this? I am new here)

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