I have some issues when I try to move it on other server. This are the steps:

  1. I go into my actual database through phpmyadmin, export the database.

  2. I copy the entire folder of my wordpress website from FTP, and paste it through FTP on my new host.

  3. I modify the wp-config.php with my new database details.

  4. Now I enter on my new host phpmyadmin I import the database that was created from my old host.

    And now when I enter on my website, I receive: Error establishing a database connection I really need some help with this. Thanks!

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    Are you updating the site URL in the options table on the new db server? – Brian Fegter Jan 30 '12 at 3:05

Error establishing a database connection means a bad password, DB user, DB name or server location (usually localhost) in wp-config.php. Simple as that. Check and check again.

Editing wp-config.php « WordPress Codex

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