I'm trying to build a page which has three filters. What I want to achieve is that some sections on the page change depending on what filters the user will choose.

Can somebody help me out with this? I'm either looking for a plugin (can be paid) or some explanation about how to implement some custom code.

GOAL: have users choose filters and based on the filters some sections on the page will change.

Usability: The feature should be implemented on a page for a travel agency. The page will show "Example trips". Based on some filters (amount of people traveling, budget, length of trip), the page will have some sections explaining the example trip. When filter are changed (such as length of trip) the sections displaying the example trip have to change and show different content.

Would love some help. Any idea is welcome!

  • You might need to turn to a more general WordPress community - plugin recommendations are off-topic here, and questions should be able to have a factually definitive answer which is not opinion-based.
    – bosco
    May 18 at 23:32


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