I have created a new role with the following code:

add_role('sponsored_content', 'Sponsored Content', get_role('contributor')->capabilities);

I have added users to this role. When viewing the users screen this Sponsored Content role does not display. Users screen not displaying the custom sponsored content role

Using the browser inspect tool the markup is present:

<li class="sponsored_content"><a href="users.php?role=sponsored_content">Sponsored Content <span class="count">(6)</span></a> |</li>

There is styling coming from a "constructed stylesheet" preventing it from displaying:

.sponsored_content {
    display: none !important;

This is not styling that I have added and I do not know where it is coming from. Any ideas where this styling is coming from or how to remove it?

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The constructed stylesheet was coming from the browser, in this case Brave Browser. The ad blocking feature added this styling. Turning shields off fixed the issue.

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