Script Widget bug in WordPress. The embed widget from Funda was working before, clueless why it suddenly stopped working. In Public view, it's not working. Preview mode while logged in to WordPress shows the correct page.

Actually, the same embedded script from FUNDA is working on this page https://www.homecrew.nl/rent-out/. But the issue is with this page. The script isn’t working on this page https://www.homecrew.nl/reviews-recensies-beoordelingen-klanten-engels/. The Editor & method of placing the script is the same. I cleared the cache etc. But still, the issue is there.

Here is the screenshot attached of the working script. https://ibb.co/MZD5Tqb This script isn't working in this image https://ibb.co/0c57zK3

May be a difference in the script here. only script tags is not working. But in 1st picture script tag is with ...

Either the script can be executed within the post or I have to place this script in the head tag etc. I'm using beTheme WordPress

I found this on Wpbegginer. Is this okay to add a script in funcations.php for this specific page id?

Adding JavaScript to a Specific WordPress Post Using Code

If you only want to add JavaScript to a single WordPress post, then you will need to add conditional logic to the code.

    function wpb_hook_javascript() {
  if (is_single ('5')) { 
        <script type="text/javascript">
          // your javscript code goes here
add_action('wp_head', 'wpb_hook_javascript');

Thanks in advance.


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