I recently took over website management for my company but I can not access 1 of our sites. The user name and password provided by the last management team does not work. I refrenced my Wp-Config to determine which SQLdb was being used. Then accessed phpMyAdmin and reviewed the wp_user table for the db and the user they provided was not even listed. I edited the existing admin user password (using MD5) and still could not log in with that user/pass combo. I then made an entirely new admin user following this guide - https://wpengine.com/support/add-admin-user-phpmyadmin/ - and that user does not work. I cant even do a "lost my password" for that second users email address. I'm concerned the website is somehow using a different database? I have verified multiple times that I'm in the SQLdb listed in wp-config.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. enter image description here

enter image description here

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    Are you certain the host the site runs on is the same host where you are using phpMyAdmin? Check the DB_HOST setting in wp_config.php to make sure it's set to localhost.
    – ScottM
    Apr 28 at 19:02


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