I have a WP 3.3 installed and running great. My client would like to confirm a valid email address by sending the user a confirmation email containing a link to "confirm". I have played around with Pie Register a little bit but cannot get it to send emails like it says it can.

Are there other plugins or tools out there capable of the same thing? I don't think its a huge deal but the client won't budge on it.

Also the site sends other emails just fine.



This plugin does exactly what you need - Pie Register

From Wordpress.org Plugin Directory:

Email Validation Hate fake emails? Make sure your users are not registering with invalid email accounts by forcing them to click a validation link that's sent out with their registration email. This sets there username to a random generated string (something like: 'unverified__h439herld3') so they can't login until they hit that validation link which will put their real username back in place allowing them to login as per usual. Unverified registrations have a defined grace period that will automatically delete an unverified account after a specified period of time, so you don't get clogged up with those fakies. (Manage under Users > Unverified Users)


maybe you server hasn't a mail server ,you can use a plugin like WP-Mail-SMTP send email. but i find the pie register plugin register program is not safe,it can register same name and email if the previous register is not active.

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    that is worrying – Kayo Mar 14 '13 at 11:22

you can use the below when submitting the post of your registration form

$userdata = array(
    'user_pass' => $user_pass,
    'user_login' => esc_attr( $_POST['user_name'] ),
    'first_name' => esc_attr( $_POST['first_name'] ),
    'last_name' => esc_attr( $_POST['last_name'] ),
    'nickname' => esc_attr( $_POST['nickname'] ),
    'user_email' => esc_attr( $_POST['email'] ),
    'user_url' => esc_attr( $_POST['website'] ),
    'user_account_type' => esc_attr( $_POST['user_account_type'] ),
    'role' => get_option( 'default_role' ),

    $new_user = wp_insert_user( $userdata );
    wp_new_user_notification($new_user, $user_pass);

which will send confirmation mail to the user

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