I'm new to WordPress. So, I'm not really sure if it's normal behavior or not but this is bothering me. So, I've my main navigation menu consists of Home | category_1 | Category_2 | Category_3 ...

The issue is that whenever I click on a post link it loads as expected but the category under which the post is created also becomes active which I don't want. For example, if I click on a post from category_1 it loads with the single.php template, and my navigation menu(top navbar) becomes Home | **category_1(active)** | Category_2 | category_3....

So my questions are is it a normal behavior in WordPress? And how can I load the single post without making the catgroy link active??

  • By "active" you mean it gets a class "active", changes its color or both? I suspect this might be coming from the theme itself? Can you check if you get the same result with a default theme?
    – Badan
    Mar 26 at 7:54
  • @Badan yes, by "active" I meant color and other styling. I'm not sure what did you mean by the default theme. I'm using underscore theme and bootstrap to make my own custom theme
    – Bipul Roy
    Mar 26 at 8:39
  • I found a similar question and helped me finding the solution I needed: stackoverflow.com/questions/26789438/…
    – Bipul Roy
    Mar 26 at 14:27


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