I have some code I used for a searchable map with hotspots (basically a directory search, like airbnb searching for a location). So I’ve used this code for Joomla in order to have a search bar that populates a list as well as hotspots on a map. It searches against a database in order to get the store info and the lat/long for the map hotspots.

Here’s my issue: The whole thing is basically existing within a php controller file for the database calls and serving the data back, and then an html file that consists of the html, css and jquery (including an axios call to get data from php file). What is the best/easiest way to serve this into a Wordpress site?

I’m using a simple WP install and elementor for the page in question, is there a relatively simple way (even with using other plugins) that I can get this code into the site and served into an elementor page template?


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