My permalinks are: /%postname%

I currently use Custom Post Permalinks to rewrite my permalinks. It work well, but... I dlike to have some url like: www.mysite.com/permalinks_of_my_custom_posts.php >> www.mysite.com/mario-games.php

If I use the plugin to do that I have to write /%list-mario%.php and it's ok,slug is rewrite... Well ... not so much because if I write another custom posts and do the same way, for exemple : /%list-firemen-games.php, it's ok, I have my www.mysite.com/firemen-games.php BUT, www.mysite.com/mario-games.php has became unaccessible.

But, (many butt there sorry :D) If I write something before the slug, for example: /test/%list-mario%.php , my url is ok and it work ... So I have www.mysite.com/test/mario-games.php and www.mysite.com/firemen-games.php and I want www.mysite.com/mario-games.php and www.mysite.com/firemen-games.php and other ...

It s like when I want multiple url like www.mysite.com/mario-games.php a var is erased by another and only the last work.

An other solution would be to have some page.php ...

Thanks for your help !

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The reason adding second permalinks like that makes the first type inaccessible is because WordPress is interpretting both list-firemen-games and list-mario as list-firemen-games post types. To WordPress, the regular expression that is registered looks exactly the same (both look something like ([^/]+)\.php/?), so when it pulls that regular expression, it's going to match that pattern against the first entry it finds in the rewrite rules; in this case, list-firemen-games. The reason it was working when you added test to the permalink is because now the regex for list-mario looks like test/([^/]+)\.php/?.

If you want both types to have the same permastruct, but want to differentiate firemen from mario, I suggest using a custom taxonomy for the post type.

  • Nice ! I understand how it work now, Thank you very much :)
    – Elium2009
    Nov 16, 2010 at 19:17

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