I was wondering if I can change Image Size option in the post settings panel. From Large to Full Size. Automatically in all posts? I have about 500 posts... :) Seem can not find any answer to that. Thank you!

Here is the screenshot

  • I don't think there is a way to bulk update like this. Do you want to change every image or just the first in a post? Are you familiar with PHP programming in WordPress?
    – kero
    Mar 9, 2022 at 17:07
  • Ideally i would like to do all, but first would work too, i just need wider size image for Google Discover Mar 9, 2022 at 21:51
  • 1
    maybe something with database can be done? Mar 9, 2022 at 22:47

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Well, i think you totally right, there is no way to bulk change like that. But i found solution. Since Google Discover uses Featured Images for display, i can add my big size Featured Image to the post <?php the_post_thumbnail('full'); ?> and hide it with css from the page rendering, but Google will use it as a display image.

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