We want a simpe CPT called resources, and when creating each entry in this type, we need categories (taxonomies) that should show up as a checkbox list of category on the right hand side in the admin area.

So each resource will actually have a type:

  • Health related
  • Finance related etc

The URLs will be:

/resources                         (overall resources page) 
/resources/health                  (resource category/taxonomy listing page)
/resources/health/find-a-clinic    (each resource post)

I used the Custom Post Type (CPT) plugin, which kind of worked, but taxonomies created this way did NOT show up like categories, they showed up like tags that I had to manually remember and type in a box on the right hand side. Also, the URL structure was useless--only "resources/find-a-clinic", there was no taxonomy landing page.

What's a good simple way to do this without using plugins?

Many thanks


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