I started to create a child theme from a BoldThemes theme with custom icons. I am able to see icons when edit directly page,

enter image description here

but when try to edit page from wp admin, I've this issue

enter image description here

I discovered with DevTools when I try to edit page from wp admin, system don't load assets from child but only from original theme

This is my functions.php

function my_theme_enqueue_styles() {

    $parent_style = 'parent-style';

    wp_enqueue_style( $parent_style, get_parent_theme_file_uri( 'style.css' ) );
    wp_enqueue_style( 'child-style',
        get_theme_file_uri( 'style.css' ),
        array( $parent_style ),
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_theme_enqueue_styles' );


Other info WordPress version wordpress:5.9.0-php8.0-apache ( docker enviroment )

I follow official documentation for create my cutom icons

I copied admin-style.php from theme to child and added this line

@font-face{font-family:"Chess"; src:url("' . get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/fonts/Chess/Chess.woff") format("woff"),url("' . get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/fonts/Chess/Chess.ttf") format("truetype");}
*[data-ico-chess]:before{ font-family: Chess; content:attr(data-ico-chess); }
.bt_bb_icon_preview.bt_bb_icon_preview_chess { font-family:Chess; }

and the same for icons.php

@font-face{  font-family:"Chess"; src:url("' . get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/fonts/Chess/Chess.woff") format("woff"),url("' . get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/fonts/Chess/Chess.ttf") format("truetype");
}  *[data-ico-chess]:before{ font-family:Chess; content:attr(data-ico-Chess); }
.bt_bb_icon_preview.bt_bb_icon_preview_chess{ font-family:Chess; }

If copy all in original theme work all, but I want know if is possible resolve this problem with child theme ?


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