here i use code shortcode of woo commerce and whenever i reload page pagination showed up then hide

i used this code

[products limit="12" columns="5" paginate="true" visibility="featured" ]

and when i check with inspect tool

enter image description here

the css have

element.style { opacity: 1; display: none; }

this code but when i uncheck diplay pagination showed up and i found a this line in content product archive

do_action( 'woocommerce_no_products_found' ); ?>

<div class="shop-loop-after clearfix" style="none"> </div>


nothing happen if i change style setting\

plz someone help me out

i m using default option not ajax pagination style

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ok i add these code in additional css

.shop-loop-after { display: block !important; } .shop-loop-before { display: flex !important; }

pagination showed up but when i click to change page , pagination and deafualt sorting not working and also not changing into list style or grid style

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