I currently have blog posts on the website with permalink structure as - www.website.com/sample-post/. As Google indexing regards each of these blog posts as individual landing pages, I would like to change this to www.website.com/blog/sample-post/.

I modified the Permalink settings, under Custom Structure, I added, www.website.com/blog/%postname%/, and as to handle the redirects of the old pages, I used the Yoast Permalink Helper and added the redirect regex -

RedirectMatch 301 ^/([^/]+)/$ https://websitename.com/$1

The previous blog post links show 404, even after following these steps. Any help?

  • Are your previous posts actually Posts, or are they Pages? Jan 26 at 11:52
  • They are all Posts. As the earlier Permalink structure was www.website.com/%postname%/, all the blog posts have a URL similar to what a landing page will have. As to distinguish all of these posts, I wanted to add /blog prefix to the /%postname%/.
    – Shivang
    Jan 26 at 11:57


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