How to replace the existing metatag using the backend to insure a thumbnail image gets fetched when we share on social media?

function theme_a_header_metadata() {

  global $post;

  $image = \wpplugin\blogwidget\getBlogImage($post);


  <meta property="og:image" content="<?= getLocalImage($image, '1344x') ?>" />


add_action( 'wp_head', 'theme_a_header_metadata' );

So I have this function, but the issue is that there's already a meta property with the property value of "og:image", so how do I replace the meta tag? I need to use the backend, and I don't want to install any plugin.

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add_action currently supports 4 parameters: string $hook_name, callable $callback, int $priority = 10, int $accepted_args = 1

Try adjusting the 3rd parameter "priority" to add the action later than any existing actions (which may have been created by plugins or themes).

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