I've seen that many sites have a dedicated page for a sitemap, not just an .xml file.

For example, https://www.casinos.de/sitemap/ They're using Yoast SEO and sitemap.xml is also available, but how can you embed the whole sitemap in a page like this?

Is there a function or just a file_get_contents()?

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    file_get_contents() won’t work, as using that on an XML file will not create a list of links. WordPress has wp_list_pages() which will create a list of pages, but only pages, and that’s all. Whether Yoast has this feature is something you would need to ask its developer. Jan 6, 2022 at 10:41

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You can fetch all the different post_types you have by using get_post_types(). Then you can loop through all posts of each post_types and echo all these posts (title + link). That way you have the freedom of formatting your sitemap the way you want.

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